Activities and Answers for Somalia

Language Arts

  1. Visit this Image Gallery of people and places in Somalia. What are the people like? Answers will vary - they're just like us!
  2. Visit the Ethnologue: Somalia. How many languages are there in Somalia? 13 Use Edit, Find to find the three national languages. Arabic, English and Somali
  3. Visit ArabNet - Somalia and look at Frankincense under Culture. What was it used for in the past? religious and medicinal purposes What is it used for now? ingredient of incense, perfumes and some fumigants

Social Studies

  1. Visit Atlapedia Somalia and look at the maps. Describe the land forms. mountainous at the tip What countries border Somalia? Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya What bodies of water border Somalia? Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean Where do the rivers start? in Ethiopia What is the capital? Mogadishu See this map too.
  2. Visit ArabNet - Somalia and read about Operation Restore Hope and General Aidid. What is historical about this event? It was the first time the United Nations had ever intervened without permission in the affairs of an independent nation.
  3. Visit ArabNet - Somalia and find what state the economy is in. basically disaster and it collapsed in the early 1990s.
  4. The information on the Internet is scattered, as are the people and government of Somalia. Visit U of Penn Somalia Page and the USAID page for more information.


  1. Visit Atlapedia - Somalia. What is the area in square miles? 246,000 sq. mi. What is the population? 8,839,600 An average of how many people live in each square mile? 36 people


  1. Visit Africa News for Somalia and read the current news. What can you pray for?

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