Activities and Answers for Senegal

Language Arts

  • Visit the Official Page of the Senegal. What is couture? dress and appearance or similar answer What do the people wear? cotton, the bubu - a long gown What talent is most exported from Senegal? tailors, hair dressers, jewelers Why do you think that is? from the pictures, they obviously do a good job!
  • Visit the Official Page of the Senegal. Look at the art and artisans. Write a paragraph about one of the artists you meet there. There are three with information: Nafissa Camara, Ousmane Gueye, Ibrahima Seck. Answers will vary.
  • Visit the Official Page of the Senegal and read about the cuisine. Write a similar paragraph describing your food and eating customs. Answers will vary.
  • Visit Senegal and look at the old postcards from Senegal. Write a description of what you saw/learned. Answers will vary.

Social Studies

  • Visit Senegal and find out what Tabaski is. Describe what you learned. "La Tabaski", west-African name for Aid-el-Kebir's day or the feast of the mutton, is the greatest feast in Senegal where the large majority of the population is Moslem. Each family-man must kill a sheep to commemorate Abraham's sacrifice. And more...
  • Visit Senegal and read about the slave trade. What did you learn that you didn't know before? Answers will vary. There's a lot here that could supplement a study of American history. Or could be material for African American history month.
  • Visit Atlapedia: Senegal and look at the maps. What countries surround Senegal? Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, (Gambia) What body of water is to the west? Atlantic Ocean What is the capital? Dakar What country is surrounded by Senegal? Gambia
  • Visit E-Conflict's Senegal page and listen to the national anthem. What does it make you think of? Answers will vary.
  • Visit U of Penn Senegal Page for more information, or if you know French, here's a tourist page.


  • Visit Atlapedia: Senegal. What is the population of the country? 8,656,300 What is the population of the capital city? 1,729,800 Look up the population of your state*. What is the difference between the population of Senegal and your state? Between the capital and your state? Answers will vary.


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