Activities and Answers for Pakistan

Language Arts

  1. Urdu is one of the official languages for Pakistan. All students learn to read in Urdu. In Urdu, a person reads and writes from right to left. What direction do you read and write? left to right
  2. The page below has the first six letters of the alphabet listed in yellow so you can hear them. Listen carefully to the first word. The girl will say something like this: aleph say anar. Aleph is the first letter of the alphabet. Anar is an example of a word beginning with that letter. What letter in our alphabet is aleph similar to? If you guessed A, you're right!
  3. Now visit this site and list the letters that are similar to the first 6 letters of the Urdu Alphabet. Learn the Urdu Alphabet a, b, p, th, t, s
    1. Note to Teachers: You need Shockwave installed on your computer. You can download it from Macromedia.
  4. Visit the Pakistan Embassy and find the words to their National Anthem. What ideas or thoughts are similar to your national anthem? Answers will vary.
  5. Visit the Pakistan Embassy and find the pictures of Pakistan. Write 3 to 5 sentences describing what you think life in Pakistan would be like. Look at climate, occupations, animals, buildings, vehicles, sports, etc. Answers will vary - hopefully they can deduce that it's hot and dry and dense population at least. But this will depend on which pictures they look at.

Social Studies

  1. Who was Mohammad Ali Jinnah? Look around the Pakistan Embassy to find out. Hint: It's related to history. He was the founder of Pakistan. You could have them summarize other info about him as well.
  2. Visit the Pakistan Embassy and look at the commerce division. What are Pakistan's major sources of income? Cotton, rice, textiles, leather, sports goods, carpets, surgical instruments, food, handicrafts, cutlery, engineering goods, pharmaceutical, software. Which would you want to buy? Answers will vary.
  3. Visit Destination Pakistan and find the map. What body of water is south of Pakistan? Arabian Sea What major river runs through Pakistan? Indus River What is the capital of Pakistan? Islamabad Name two other countries that border Pakistan. Iran, Afghanistan, China, India Name two provinces in Pakistan. Balutistan, Sindh, Punjab Here's another map if that one isn't helpful.
  4. Visit Destination Pakistan and find out who was the Muslim world's first elected woman leader (in this case prime minister). Benazir Bhutto
  5. Visit Government of Pakistan Official Home Page if you want more information.


  • Visit Destination Pakistan and find the facts for the traveler. Say you visit Pakistan for 3 days and 3 nights. On the first night you stay in a cheap room, but decide that isn't your style. You stay in a hotel room for the other two nights. You eat 3 cheap breakfasts, but you eat lunch and supper at a restaurant. About how much money will you spend? $37-104 - figured by adding the lowest for the $37 and the highest for $104.


  • Visit Destination Pakistan and look at the slide show. In what other areas could you pray for Pakistan?

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