Activities and Answers for Nigeria

Language Arts

  1. Visit the Ethnologue: Nigeria. How many living languages are there in Nigeria? 470 What do you think it would be like to live there? Answers will vary. Challenge: Use the Find feature on your browser (Edit, Find) and search for National. How many of the languages are national languages? 9 - Edo, Efik, English, Fulfude, Hausa, Idoma, Igbo, Kanuri, and Yoruba Why do you think English is one of them? They need some common language!
  2. Visit this World Citizen Project. Find out how to say different words in Hausa. How do you say thank you? I believe it is something like Nagodi.
  3. Visit this page of Nigerian Art and Culture. Look at some of the pictures. What did you learn about their culture? Masks are important in their rituals! most of the pictures are of masks.
  4. Read about the naming ceremony of Yoruba babies. What is important to this culture? Answers will vary depending on which areas they read. It is important that the baby is named within 5-7 days and family is very important.

Social Studies

  1. Visit the Embassy of Nigeria and look under government or administration. Who leads the country and what is his title? His Excellency Late General Sani Abacha Where did the country get its name? from the Niger river How many states does Nigeria have and why is that important to the country? 30 (31 if you count the capital territory) there are so many different groups of people, states helps create more equality Also see question # 1 under language arts.
  2. Visit NigeriaWeb and read the latest news from Nigeria. What is happening there? Answers will vary. You may want to check out the news first and guide the students in a certain direction.
  3. Visit Atlapedia: Nigeria. What are the Nigeria's main exports? Crude Oil and Refined Products, Hides, Natural Gas, Timber, Tin If you lived in Nigeria and were looking for a job, which of the industries listed would you choose? Why? The choices are: Agriculture, Cement, Fertilizers, Food Processing, Lumber, Mining, Motor Vehicle Assembly, Oil and Natural Gas Processing and Refining, Petrochemicals, Textiles.
  4. Visit Atlapedia: Nigeria and look at the maps. Describe the land and water in Nigeria. fairly flat, lots of rivers What countries border it? Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon What is the capital (you may have to look at question #3)? Abuja Name two of the rivers in Nigeria. Niger, Benue Lagos is the former capital of Nigeria. Why do you think it is located where it is? the traffic on the rivers and out to sea would be important to the economy Why do you think they moved the capital? to be more centrally located Hint: Here's another map.
  5. Visit U of Penn Nigeria Page for more information.


  1. Visit Atlapedia: Nigeria. What is the area in km of Nigeria? 923,768 km What is the 1997 population? 100,767,900 About how many people live in each square kilometer? about 109 people


  1. Look again at the pictures of Nigeria or the news. What else can you pray for?
  2. *Read this mission story from Nigeria. What can you pray for?

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