Activities and Answers for Myanmar

Language Arts

  • Visit .asiatour and look at the slide shows and the other pictures if you have time. What would you like to see there? Answers will vary. What is one reason why Myanmar so poor? The government has fiercely protected it from foreign influence, and it is bordered by mountains and a sea.
  • Visit Destination Myanmar and read about the culture. What form of art is most popular in their culture? drama (or pwe, a show) Also read about the manners. How is this different than your culture? you shouldn't point your feet at anyone or touch anyone on the head
  • Visit Burma and listen to the national anthem. What does it make you think of? Answers will vary.

Social Studies

  • Visit .asiatour and look at the pictures of Yangon. What is the English name of the capital? Rangoon What would you like to see there? Answers will vary.
  • Visit The Golden Pages of Myanmar and look up Tourist Attraction, then Religion and Culture. What is the main religion in Myanmar? Buddhism What did you learn about this religion? Answers will vary - there's lots on this page.
  • Visit Atlapedia Online and look at the maps of Myanmar. See this map too. Describe the land forms. Very mountainous - you can see the mountains that separate it from the other countries. What countries border Myanmar? Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, Thailand What bodies of water border on the southwest edge? Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Martaban Where are most of the cities? Along rivers or near the sea Why do you think that is? Answers will vary.
  • Visit Burma and read about the economy. What is the main source of income? agriculture What is the first export listed? rice


  • Visit Destination Myanmar and find out the area of the country (sq. mi.). 416,020 sq mi. What is the population? 46.8 million About how many people are there per square mile? about 70


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