Activities and Answers for Morocco

Language Arts

  1. Visit Virtual Tours: Morocco and choose Entertainment, Picture Gallery. Look through these pictures taken for tourists. Would you like to visit there? Why? Also see these pictures from Lonely Planet. Answers will vary.
  2. Visit Virtual Tours: Morocco and choose Entertainment, Sports. Choose one you're interested in. How is it similar or different to the way they play or enjoy the sport in your country? Answers will vary.
  3. Visit Virtual Tours: Morocco and choose Entertainment, Cuisine. How is their food like yours? Which part of the meal sounds the best to you? Why? Answers will vary.
  4. Visit Virtual Tours: Morocco and choose a city to write about. After reading the information, write a paragraph telling why a person should visit that city. Answers will vary.
  5. What is the history of the color and star on the flag of Morocco? The Alaouites (beginning in the 17th Century), which are the ruling dynasties and the ancestors of His Majesty King Hassan II, were the first to introduce the red flag. The green Sulayman star on the flag was introduced in 1912, when Morocco was put under the French protectorate, in order to distinguish the nation 's flag from the others.

Social Studies

  1. Visit Morocco from the U of Penn. Look at the review and find a unique fact about Morocco and the US. In 1787, Morocco became the first nation to recognize the newly
    independent United States of America.They also made a treaty which is still in effect today, so it is the longest standing unbroken treaty that the US has had with any nation.
  2. Visit ArabNet - Morocco and find out why Morocco wants control of the Western Sahara. It is rich in phosphates, which they export and use for pottery. What is this area known as now? Moroccan Sahara Also look at Moroccan pottery for a clue.
  3. Visit ArabNet - Morocco and find out what Morocco's economy is based on. agriculture What are the two focus areas in this "industry"? crops and livestock
  4. Visit ArabNet - Morocco and find out about the Berber people. What connection do they have to pirates? They gave their name to the Barbary Coast which was a pirate stronghold.
  5. Visit Atlapedia: Morocco and look at the maps. See this map too. Describe the land forms and name them if info is given. it is flat in the southwest and the Atlas Mountains are in the northeast What countries border Morocco? Mauritania and Algeria What country has a border dispute with Morocco? Algeria What is the capital? Rabat What sea is north of Morocco? Mediterranean What is west of Morocco? Atlantic Ocean
  6. Visit Miftah Shamali - Morocco for more travel information.


  1. Visit Lonely Planet: Morocco and look at the money and costs. If you took US $200 to Morocco and rode on a bike to get around, how many days could you stay on budget meals and budget hotels? Let's say you stay in the cheapest hotels and eat two $5 meals a day and one $10 meal. about 5 or 6 days


  1. Look at the pictures from language arts question #1. What else can you pray for?
  2. *Read this mission story that could have happened in Morocco. What can you pray for?

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