Activities and Answers for Mali

Note for Teachers: This Page has 6 lesson plans on Mali - an awesome resource! It's from a bigger site called Mali Interactive.

Language Arts

  1. Visit this page, and listen to the national anthem of Mali. What does it make you think of? Write your reaction to the music. Answers will vary.
  2. Visit this page, and find out what the weather is like in the capital of Mali right now. How is that like yours? Describe the difference or similarity and where you would rather be (weather wise). Answers will vary.
  3. Visit Mali Interactive and look at the project photos. Describe what you think it would be like to live in Mali. Answers will vary.
  4. Visit this page and find out what a griot is. Griots are historians, praise-singers and musical entertainers. What do we have in our culture that is similar? Answers will vary. Why are these people important to Mali? They interpret history and help the people know who they are and where they came from.
  5. For fun, read this journalists description of some time in Mali.

Social Studies

  1. Visit the African Exhibition from a Swiss archaeological dig. There's some wonderful pictures here. How do the archaeologists learn about the pottery they are discovering? They study how the women currently make their pottery. How important do you think pottery is to the current economy? From the pictures it looks like they would be important to the livelihood of people living in the country. Answers may vary.
  2. If you read about the Niger river basin and the fishing in question #1 and want to see where it flows, see this map. Notice how long it is!
  3. Look at this map of Mali. Where are most of the cities? along the Niger river Why do you think that is? answers will vary - it seems to me that the river is very important to their lifestyle and economy!
  4. Did you know that Timbuktu is a real place? Read about it here. If you're really adventurous and patient and have the right plug-in, try the QuickTime VR movie of Timbuktu.


  1. Visit Mali from Atlapedia and find out the population. 9, 474, 00 How many people are there per square mile? 7.6 people per sq. mi.


  1. Some people in Mali love the desert. They are nomads. Read about them here. What else can you pray for? More info here and here from Unesco.

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