Activities for Libya

Language Arts

  • Look at this photographer's pictures of Libya (they're all black and white). Describe what you think it would be like to live in Libya.
  • Read the World Heritage Newsletter No. 9 to learn about one of the five sites of interesting cultural significance. Describe one of them. Answers will vary. They are Tadrart Acacus which is a site of cave art; Cyrene, site of Greek trading post, had been under Carthaginian influence, Roman control, under Ptolemy of Egypt, and has several Greek temples, including one to Apollo; Leptis Magna, was a famous port and one of the most beautiful cities in the Roman world; Sabratha, a major trading city including a Roman theatre; and Ghadames, another traditional human settlement.
  • Visit ArabNet Libya and find out what the people in Libya eat.Pasta, couscous, sherba (a soup), bazin and fruits. What country influenced their cuisine and why? Italy - Libya used to be an Italian colony.

Social Studies

  • Who is the leader of Libya and what does the West think of him? Mu'Ammar Al-Qadhafi, Reagan said he was the world's number one terrorist. You may want to explain the bombing in 1986 to the students - see history in the ArabNet page. What book has he written, trying to change this view? the green book What do you think? lots of discussion about the middle east could happen here! For more background on this issue, visit ArabNet Libya and read about the modern history.
  • Look at this page to learn about the Libyan economy. What is the economy based on? oil producer for Europe and North Africa How much revenue does it bring in? 95% of the country's revenue How are UN and US sanctions affecting Libya? it seems to be doing well anyway...
  • Visit ArabNet Libya and look through Libya's history. See if you can find out when Libya was prosperous because of its pirates. 18th and early 19th centuries Would you like to have lived then? Answers will vary.
  • Visit Atlapedia Libya and look at the maps. What countries surround Libya? You may need to visit this page and look up another country to find out the country on the west side. Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Egypt Where do most of the people live? to the north - more cities there Look at the physical map. Why do you think this is? probably because of the Sahara desert What sea is north of Libya? Mediterranean What is the capital of Libya? Tripoli Hint: you may have to look at another map from the Atlas at
  • Miftah Shamali - Libya, the U of Penn Libya Page, and this Libya page all have more information.


  • Visit ArabNet Libya and look at the road information. How many km of roads are there in Libya? 19,300 km How many km are paved? 10,808 km


  • Visit Miftah Shamali - Libya and read the description beside the map. Do you think there are many Christians in Libya? Why? What can we pray for? They should get the idea that it is very hard for Western people to get into the country. It also says it is a "closed" country.

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