Activities for Indonesia

Note to Teachers: Tom Snyder Productions makes a science software package called Rainforest Researchers that focuses on Indonesia. (for grades 6-8). They also have another one called Cultural Debates that is based on footage they took in Indonesia. You may find this useful.

Language Arts

  • Visit Destination Indonesia and look at the slide show. What do you think it would be like to live in Indonesia? What would you like about it? Answers will vary.
  • Visit Bali's Nature, a site with information about the nature on one of the islands of Indonesia. Describe what you would like to see if you visited Bali. Answers will vary.
  • Visit Bahasa Indonesia and find out how to say How are you? Apa Kabar and Good Morning. Selamat Pagi What is the official language of Indonesia? Bahasa Indonesia What are some other languages spoken in Indonesia? Javanese and Sundanese
  • Read the Legend of Sangkuriang. What can you learn about Indonesian beliefs from the story? mothers shouldn't marry their sons, people can be reincarnated as animals Think of a story you know. What beliefs could others learn from it? Answers will vary.
  • Read about this Indonesian wedding. How is it similar to ours? There is a reception, they wear special clothes, they have a wedding reception.

Social Studies

  • Visit Destination Indonesia and see if you can find out which of the many islands has the capital. Java How do you think this affects the cultures of the other islands? Some of the cultures are losing their flavor under Javanese rule... Other answers may be acceptable too.
  • Visit Destination Indonesia and find out what major crisis happened in early 1998. Their economy failed and many people lost their jobs. In riots in May, 6 students were shot, beginning riots that left about 500 people dead. How is the economy doing now? still recovering... Note: isn't it incredible how students can find history as current as this!
  • Look at this map from Atlapedia and the political map linked from this page. Describe the land in Indonesia. mountainous, lots of small islands Name two of the seas and one ocean in and around Indonesia. South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Java Sea, Flores Sea, Timor Sea, Banda Sea, Pacific Ocean, Arafura Sea What countries share islands with Indonesia? Malaysia and Papua New Guinea Hint: Look here too. What do you think it would be like to rule a country like this? Answers will vary.


  • Visit Destination Indonesia and look at the Money & Costs. What is Indonesian money called? rupiah If you have $10 US dollars, how much Indonesian money will you have? 113,500 rp If your taxi ride costs 487 rp, how much of a tip should you give the taxi driver? 13 rp


  • Review question #2 under Social Studies. What can you pray for?
  • *Read this mission story from Indonesia. What can you pray for?

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