Activities and Answers for Cambodia

Language Arts

Social Studies

  • Visit Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History and find out why Cambodian history is like the banyan tree. The banyan tree gets tangled with other trees and has many branches. Cambodian history is many different stories woven together. This includes the entanglement with the Vietnam war, the Khmer Rouge, and more.
  • Visit Cambodia-Web and look at the culture and history. What is Angkor Wat? one the biggest religious structures ever built and many would contend it the most beautiful, with it imposing spires and beautiful bas-reliefs. Why do you think this is one of the seven wonders of the world? Answers will vary. The reading here is really fascinating!
  • Visit Cambodia-Web and look at the culture and history. Describe the 4 ethnic groups in Cambodia. Chinese, Cham, Khmer Loeu, and Vietnamese. Answers will vary. There's lots here!
  • Visit Cambodia-Web and look at the maps. Atlapedia has another map too. What countries border Cambodia? Thailand, Laos, Vietnam. What is the capital of Cambodia? Phnom Penh What body of water is south of Cambodia? The Gulf of Thailand
  • Cambodian Embassy


  • Visit Cambodia-Web's Country Background and look at the climate. What is the total average rainfall? 100-150 cm How much rain would fall in 12 months with this average (use the lower number)? 1200 cm How much rain is that in inches? using 2.54 as a conversion 472 inches.


  • Visit KhmerNet and read the latest news. What is happening in Cambodia? What can you pray for? Answers will vary. You may want to check out the news first.
  • Visit Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History and read the oral histories people have written. Read them with someone and pray together. Some of these stories are very sad. Talk to the kids about needs and how we can meet them and what Jesus did in helping people. What similar problems do we have here?
  • Read this prayer needs summary and information from Operation World. What else can you pray for?
  • *Read this ADRA News from Cambodia. What can you pray for?

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