Activities and Answers for Burkina Faso

Note: There isn't much on the Internet about Burkina Faso that is in English (mostly French). I hunted for pictures and couldn't find much at all.

Language Arts

  • Read about some of the people groups in Burkina Faso. Write a paragraph about what you learned. Describe what you think it would be like to live there. Answers will vary.
  • Look at the Languages Map of Burkina Faso. What language do the majority speak? Gur What is the official language? French What language family do most of the people in the north speak? Atlantic How many languages are spoken in Burkina Faso? 66 (scroll down for this answer - although this page says 71) What effect do you think this has on the country? Answers will vary.

Social Studies

  • Look at the map of Burkina Faso. What countries border it? Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire What is the capital? Ouagadougou
  • Visit Burkina Faso - Atlapedia. What are the three main rivers in Burkina Faso? Black Volta, White Volta, Red Volta What is one of the few permanent lakes in West Africa? Lake Bama What is the climate like in Burkina? hot all year round with a dry season and a wet season
  • Visit Burkina Faso - Atlapedia. Name three of each: the industries and exports of Burkina. MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Agriculture, Brewing and Bottling, Food Processing, Mining, Textiles, Tyre Manufacture. MAIN EXPORTS: Cotton, Ground Nuts, Hides and Skins, Livestock, Rubber Tyres, Sesame, Shea, Nut Products.
  • Look at the weather in Burkina Faso. How does it compare to your weather?
  • Listen to the national anthem of Burkina Faso. Write your reaction. Do you like it? What does it say to you? Answers will vary.
  • U of Penn Burkina Faso Page


  • Visit Burkina Faso - Atlapedia. What is the area in square km? 274,200 What is the 1997 Population? 10, 675,900 people Approximately how many people live in each square kilometer? 39 people per sq. km.


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