Activities and Answers for Algeria

Language Arts

  1. Visit ArabNet - Algeria and look under Culture to find out the primary language of the people in Algeria. Arabic What other languages do they speak? French and Berber

Social Studies

  1. Visit ArabNet - Algeria and look at the Economy. What was Algeria known for before its independence in 1962? the breadbasket of the Roman empire Why? Its economy was dominated by agriculture Why is Algeria now one of the wealthiest nations in Africa? they began to focus on oil and industrialize the country
  2. Visit ArabNet - Algeria and read about the rise and fall of piracy. How did this affect Spain and France? Spain came to close several Algerian ports including the capital, Algiers. France invaded Algiers and occupied Algeria for 132 years. What other two countries fought again the Algerian pirates? Britain and Holland/Netherlands
  3. Visit ArabNet - Algeria and read about the population. What is the capital? Algiers Where do most of the people live? in the north Look at Topography. Why do you think most of the people live where they do? most of the country is in the Sahara desert
  4. Visit Miftah Shamali - Algeria and look at the map. (There's a map at ArabNet - Algeria as well). Name 3 countries that border Algeria. Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, Tunisia What European country is north of Algeria? Spain What area is pleasant in the summer? the northern most part of the country Why do you think that is? it's close to the water. Look at this map from Atlapedia. What Sea borders Algeria? Mediterranean
  5. Visit Algeria - Atlapedia Online and look at the location and geography. What is unique about Algerian rivers (except the Chelif River)? They aren't permanent. You could discuss why this would be...
  6. The Algeria Page has links to other resources as well.


  1. Visit Algeria - Atlapedia Online and look at the currency. Compare their money to ours. What is the Dinar like? dollar What is the Centime like? penny or cent (You could do a word study and point out the root "cent")


  1. Visit ArabNet - Algeria and look under culture. Read about the religion in Algeria. What is the main religion? Islam What groups of people want control of the country and its religion? Islamic fundamentalists who are violent against the Berber people, the Berber people are the minority and are anti-Arab and anti-Islam, then there's a group of westernized secularists - people who want democracy and are westernized but are not Christian What can we pray for? Answers will vary

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