Activities and Answers for Albania

Note to Teachers: Visit the Albania, Land of the Eagles page and look under Culture. There is a Quiz where you can win a travel guide. This may be a fun class activity. Put your email and address instead of the kids though!

Language Arts

  1. Visit the Albanian Home Page and find out where the name "Albania" came from. It came from "Albanoi" the name of a tribe in north-central Albania. What was the original name of these people? Illyrian Hint: Look under History. Challenge: Find out where your country got its name.
  2. Visit the Albanian Home Page and look at the picture gallery under History. Write about what you found. What would it be like to live in this country? What interesting historical places would you like to visit? Answers will vary. You may want to give guidance on the amount you want written.
  3. Visit the Albanian Home Page and look under Culture for Language. What letters do they have that are not in our alphabet? Ç, Dh, Ë, Gj, Ll, Nj, Rr, Sh, Th, Xh, Zh Which letter in our alphabet do they not use? w

Social Studies

  1. Visit the Albanian Home Page and look under Countries. In what four countries/regions do Albanians live? Montenegro (part of Serbia), Kosova (disputed territory of Serbia), Macedonia (former par of Yugoslavia), and Albania.
  2. Visit the Albanian Home Page and look under Culture. Name two famous Albanians and what they are famous for. Gjergj Kastrioti - Skenderbeg (1405-1468) military strategist, Albanian leader and national hero; Aleksander Moisiu (1879-1935) famous stage and film actor; Mother Teresa (1910-1997) famous nun and humanitarian, Nobel Peace Prize winner; Ismail Kadare (1938-) famous contemporary writer
  3. Visit the Albanian Home Page and look under History. What 3 great empires was Albania part of? Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Which Roman Emperor (... the Great) was from Albania? Constantine
  4. Visit the Albanian Home Page and look under Maps. What Sea borders Albania? Adriatic What is the capital of Albania? Tirana or Tirane What is the name of the square in the middle of the capital city? (you can find this in the picture pages as well). Skenderberg Describe the land forms in Albania. mountainous
  5. More information can be found at this page. Albania, Land of the Eagles


  1. Visit Albania - Atlapedia Online and do these problems. What is the estimated population? 3,622,400 people What is the area of the country (in square miles)? 11,100 sq mi. About how many people live in each square mile? About 326 people.
  2. Sum up the population in the 5 major cities. (Under location and geography). 567,000 people
  3. Challenge: Using the population from #1 and the major city population from #2, figure out how many people live in the rest of the country. 3,055,400.


  1. Look at these pictures of the capital city. What else can you pray for? Answers will vary.
  2. *What significant part did the emperor in Social Studies question #3 play in Christian history? Look in Great Controversy chapter 3. He changed the day of worship.

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